Steven Clavey

Traditional Chinese Gynaecology

Steven Clavey is no longer taking new patients. He recommends that patients see one of the other practitioners at our clinic who have all apprenticed with Steve and can liaise with him regarding treatment. Please book in online or contact us on 9657181 or to find a time that suits you. 

Steve Clavey writing a herbal prescription

After spending seven years in Taiwan and mainland China studying Chinese medicine. Steve started his practice in Melbourne over 30 years ago, focusing on gynaecological conditions. 

While also trained in acupuncture, his primary focus for the last 25 years has been in the use of raw herbal decoctions following the lead of his teachers and mentors in China.

Steve has written two textbooks for Chinese medicine practitioners, which can be seen here and here, has translated Chinese medicinal texts and formulas from classical Chinese. Steven has also lectured on the use of herbal decoctions at both national and international conferences. 

Steve is also the editor of a professional Chinese medicine journal with a focus on the use of raw herbal decoctions called The Lantern.

Steve no longer practices acupuncture; if acupuncture would be beneficial our highly trained acupuncturists work closely with Steve to design an effective integrated treatment plan that uses both acupuncture and herbs for a combined effect.