How Do You Make A Herbal Medicinal Syrup

Lorraine Wilcox has a wonderful series of photographs in her Facebook album illustrating the way to make medicinal syrups.

She says:

Making a gāo zī 膏滋. This is 瓊玉膏 Qióng Yù Gāo (Beautiful Jade Syrup). It is the first syrup I ever made. I suggest you start with a smaller amount. It took so long to cook down! The recipe can also be found in Bensky. This is the fourth gāo I have posted. You can see, the idea is the same: Boil the herbs three times. Combine the liquids and then boil down again until it is very condensed. Be sure it is thoroughly filtered. Then add a lot of honey (often 2 parts honey for one part liquid) and cook it even further. This is the general way syrups are made. #medicinemaking #gaosyrupmaking