Should I Ice My Injury?

Ice is for dead things, treating trauma kung fu style

The Chinese martial arts know a lot about trauma medicine. A sinew-popping kick to one of the joints, punches that powder capillary beds, or broken and shattered bones from falls or weapons all are common fare. The Chinese long ago figured out how to fight with style and power. They also learned a tremendous amount about putting people back together.

Tom Bisio learned about treating trauma with Chinese methods while he was in Asia studying martial arts. That was the beginning of his interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and the beginning of his journey that lead him to being one of the foremost experts in the West today on using traditional methods to treat trauma.

Listen in as we discuss why ice is for dead people, and some simple things you can do to treat trauma that will help to prevent your damaged joints from being able to forecast the weather in the few years.