Lior Kedem

Gynaecology and General Health 

With almost a decade of experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner, Lior's journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She furthered her education under the guidance of internationally renowned TCM practitioner Yaer Maimon, and spent six years apprenticing with Steven Clavey.

Specializing in herbal treatments, Lior has a keen interest in gynaecology, fertility, and overall health. She provides a warm, caring, and knowledgeable environment to guide patients toward a healthier life, blending traditional Chinese medicine with modern insights.

Residing by the beach with her husband and two kids, Lior embraces her love for surfing, cooking, and exploring nature with her family. She offers online and tele-health herbal consultations every Wednesday.

Lior offers 5 minute free discovery calls, send us an email or call us on 9654 7181 to book a quick chat with Lior about your condition. 

To book an appointment with Lior click here, or call the clinic on 96547181