Traditional Chinese Medicine Services

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) covers a wide variety of treatments from internal medicines such as Chinese herbs, granules, pills, tinctures and soups to external therapies such as acupuncture, cupping and moxa. 

Due to the variety of treatment options, TCM practitioners will tailor treatments to a patient's needs and their specific health condition, making Chinese medicine a flexible and effective treatment option for a wide variety of health concerns. 

The Grove Chinese medicine are experts in traditional Chinese medicine, offering a range of services to best treat your condition.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is central to traditional Chinese medicine, making up the majority of Chinese medicine literature and treatments throughout its history.

Chinese herbal medicine consists of prescribing raw herbs, granulated raw herbs, pills or tinctures and is traditionally used to treat a wide variety of health concerns. 

A herbal consultation usually lasts between 30 - 60 minutes in which the practitioner will ask questions, check your tongue and take your pulse to form a diagnosis. They then write a tailored herbal prescription which is dispensed by our onsite herbal pharmacy for you to take home. Treatments are usually taken twice daily with follow up consultations generally fortnightly or monthly (to start) to assess progress and update prescriptions. Chinese herbal medicine is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. 

Chinese herbal medicine is more than a service we provide, it is our core focus, with practitioners and staff chosen for their love of herbal medicine and the way it can change a patients life. 

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Acupuncture is a fundamental part of Chinese medicine and the most widely used of the external therapies. Acupuncturists insert thin needles (1/30th the size of a hypodermic needle) into acupuncture points to promote the flow of Qi, restore balance and encourage the bodies natural healing. Acupuncture works with meridians which, in Chinese medicine theory, are channels of energy that interconnect the various parts of the human body, there are over 300 acupuncture points located along these meridians. 

An acupuncture appointment is usually 60 minutes long, in which the practitioner will ask questions, observe the tongue and check your pulse to form a diagnosis. Acupuncturists generally use between 4 - 12 acupuncture needles. It is recommended for most conditions that acupuncture is used in conjunction with a herbal prescription to fast-track results. 

All our practitioners are trained in both acupuncture and herbal medicine and are experts in providing treatment and creating the best treatment plan for you. 


Telehealth is a convenient and accessible way to conduct your consultation from anywhere in Australia (or the world). Telehealth works especially well for patients who are located far from the clinic, are restricted by work hours, or prefer to discuss health concerns over the phone. 

Your tele-health herbal consultations vary from 30-60 minutes, once the practitioner has completed their diagnosis they design your custom prescription to be dispensed by our team. Postage of prescriptions with a tele-health consult is complimentary Australia wide.

If you can't attend the clinic in person or want to see one of our practitioners but couldn't find the time, a tele-health appointment with The Grove is a the perfect way to access the expert health care and tailored herbal treatments you are looking for. 

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