Can Chinese Medicine Help With Fatigue?

Tiredness and lethargy are common problems, but not everyone is tired for the same reason. Here at The Grove Chinese Medicine, we try to find the underlying reason for the lethargy, and prescribe the appropriate remedy. You do not have to be tired all the time! To help in finding the reason, before your first consultation, however, ask yourself "When am I tired?" and "Where am I tired?" If you can’t tell, don’t worry; but if you know what time of day you feel worse, and where around the body or head you feel tired, the treatment will be more focused, effective and rapid.

Chronic fatigue or post-viral syndrome will need longer treatment, although results may be felt immediately [see research]. Patients must not try to push through their fatigue, but must rather stop and rest for a time; if this advice is heeded, improvement is much more rapid.

Tiredness sometimes stems from the eyes – if eyes are dry, sore, red and excessively watery, or if there is a twitch around the eyelids, we can use herbs to sip, and also to wash the eyes. Chrysanthemum tea is an excellent daily tea that in China is used to "brighten the eyes" – it is also cooling in the summertime.

If you would like to know more about treating fatigue with Chinese Medicine you can send a general question or enquiry to or book a consultation with one of our practitioners.