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  • Steve Clavey writing a herbal prescription

    Steven Clavey

    Steve has been practising for more than 30 years and is one of the foremost experts on Chinese herbal medicine for gynaecological conditions. He has written two text books for Chinese medicine, is the editor of a professional journal and has spoken around the world.

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  • Davina in a treatment room sitting in front of Chinese medicine books

    Davina Mercuri

    Davina Mercuri has been practising at The Grove Chinese Medicine for almost 20 years. She has extensive experience treating women's conditions and is one of two practitioners from Australia to have trained with renowned British TCM dermatologist Mazin Al-Khafaji.

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  • Jade Ouk

    Following an internship with Steven Clavey, Jade travelled to the Zhejiang Hospital in China where she completed an advanced training certificate with specialists in Dermatology, Neurology and Oncology and did further training in the Paediatric and post-stroke wards.

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  • Cassie Young

    Cassie has completed an internship with Steven Clavey, and is a compassionate and knowledgeable practiitoner. She has a special interest in digestive health, emotional wellbeing, pain management, acne, rosacea, gynaecology and pregnancy support.

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  • How Does Chinese Medicine Treat Gynaecological Issues?

    By Steven Clavey

    In Chinese medicine, “women’s problems” are considered within the context of the whole body and its functioning. Chinese gynaecology addresses itself to the realm of “functional” disorder, a lack of coordination in the body which may not yet have damaged the body structurally. Endometriosis, for example, does not just happen overnight; it begins to develop long beforehand, and the signs of this development can be spotted in advance.

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  • Davina in a treatment room sitting in front of Chinese medicine books

    Treating Dermatology with Chinese Medicine

    By Davina Mercuri

    Chinese medicine dermatology sees the health of the skin as a reflection of the internal health of the body. In a consultation we don't only look at the skin but also ask questions regarding the health and functioning of the body, check your tongue and take your pulse. This information provides us with a holistic understanding of the mechanisms causing the disease and allows us to tailor a treatment specifically for the individual and their condition.

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  • A lady using traditional counterbalance hand scales to dispense a herbal prescription into wicker trays at The Grove Chinese Medicine

    Endometriosis and Chinese medicine

    Endometriosis in Chinese Medicine is called 子宫内膜异位症 zǐ gōng nèi mó yí wèi zhèng. It is described as resulting from the slowdown and stagnation of blood flow in the pelvis, according to Chinese medicine. This stagnation gradually becomes visible by laparoscopy as endometrial lesions.

    Even though the basic underlying pathological mechanism remains ‘blood stagnation’ Every individual case is individually diagnosed and prescribed for.

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