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Warming Herbal Soup Pack

Warming Herbal Soup Pack

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A warming blend for those colder months or those who feel the colder months all year round. 

Gui Zhi, Bai Shao, Rou Gui, Chao Gan Jiang, Hong Zao 

Cinnamon bark, cinnamon twig and ginger are renowned for their warming properties while the peony root and red dates help to tonify qi and blood, and nourish the liver and spleen. This blend is warming and nourishing with that hint of sweetness, perfect for adding a little bit more warmth to your favourite bone broth. 

A moderately flavoured blend with a very slightly sweet taste, it pairs with both chicken and red meat bone broths. 

All soup formulas have been carefully curated by Steven Clavey. 


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