Jade Ouk

General Practice

Jade Ouk is a registered Chinese Medicine herbalist and acupuncturist based in Melbourne.

Jade first encountered Chinese medicine after a 30 year long battle with eczema. After experiencing what herbal medicine could do and how acupuncture helped her family, she was inspired to become a practitioner. Jade has closely studied with Steven Clavey and has seen hundreds of patient cases at Zhejiang hospital in China and across Melbourne. At Zhejiang hospital she completed an advanced training certificate with specialists in Dermatology, Neurology and Oncology; trained in the Paediatric and post-stroke wards and with out-patient Internal Medicine doctors (similar to General Practitioners in Australia).

Jade brings a calm presence, thorough and results-driven approach to effect desired change. She enjoys working as part of a diverse medical ecosystem to deliver the best possible outcomes for her patients, and carries a deep appreciation of integrative expertise and the vibrancy a great team can bring to any field, including wellness. Whilst much of her clinical experience has grown in areas for stubborn skin conditions, palliative cancer care, neurological rehabilitation and gynaecology, her passion lies in working with any patient to reach their own optimal dynamic state of wellbeing.

When she’s not in the clinic, she’s usually at her local beach or messing around with art and games with her two little kids, who also love eating up a storm and dancing to anything these days!

Jade is available for bookings every Monday and Tuesday. 

To book with Jade click here, or call the clinic on 9654 7181