Jade Ouk

General Practice

Jade is a registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Jade is known for being a caring, vibrant, perceptive and intuitive practitioner. Her life experience, coupled with her study and passion for Chinese Medicine, enables her to support her patients wellbeing through herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, diet & nutrition guidance and moxa. 

Jade’s ability to treat patients ranges from fertility, gynaecological & hormonal issues, digestive complaints, stress management, pain management as well as the prevention and treatment of illness. Jade also has special interests in and hospital experience with dermatology and oncology. 

Jade is extremely thorough in her treatment of patients, providing patients with the support and information they need to be in dynamic health. Jade always has a smile in the clinic and an energetic presence.

Jade is available for phone consults on Wednesdays.

Jade offers 5 minute free discovery calls, send us an email contact@thegroveclinic.com.au or call us on 9654 7181 to book a quick chat with Jade about your condition. 

To book an appointment with Jade click here, or call the clinic on 9654 7181