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Menopause and osteoporosis

Last updated: 10 March, 2018
by Steven Clavey, Traditional Chinese Gynaecology

“Menopause” is a Western bio-medicine category, which is seen as greatly over-simplified in Chinese medicine. In other words, there are many patterns of symptoms that can occur around the normal winding-down and cessation of the menstrual cycle, and in Chinese medicine these are all assessed and addressed specifically. [see research on Chinese medicine effects on menopausal symptoms and reducing FSH]

For example, one woman may have severe nightsweats all over her body, but be relatively cool during the day. Another woman may be red in the face and sweat during the day–but only on the head. Yet another may feel hot, but also find herself suddenly cold and retaining fluid all over. The pulse and tongue presentations of these women will all be different.

So why should they be treated all in the same way? Well, we don’t.

Furthermore, women are understandably worried about their bone health. In Chinese medicine, herbs that strengthen the Kidneys are used to improve the bones.

Recent research supports these traditional outlooks [see research on Chinese medicine and osteoporosis].

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