Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic - Level 1, 143 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122.
  03 9654 7181


Appointments can be made by calling the office on 03 9654 7181.

Alternatively, you can email us–being sure to include your telephone number–and we will ring you back.

Consultations are usually 30 minutes for the first consultation, and 15 minutes for subsequent consultations. Acupuncture treatment will last longer, and you should probably allow an hour at least.

After a herbal consultation the script needs to be written and dispensed, which will probably take 15 minutes unless there is a line.

What does a consultation involve?

Thorough questioning about symptoms, for example details of periods; the nature, location, and timing of pain; ‘unrelated’ symptoms such as state of energy, digestion, and sleep; then examination of the pulse and the tongue.

There is no internal examination.

Details of Western examinations performed so far are required. Patients are often surprised at the detailed questions and the level of bodily awareness expected of them (this awareness grows as one learns what to look for). The reason for these detailed questions is that Chinese medicine diagnosis is based upon how you feel and how you look, rather than blood tests or tissue samples.